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Website Localization

website localization definition

Different from the conventional translation, the localization process consists of translating the whole content of the website and also adapting every detail of the source language to meet the target audience.

The culture, customs, expressions, and idioms of the country are all taken into consideration in order to achieve the best result possible. 

When a website and all its features (menu, sidebars, widgets, graphics, buttons, etc.) are perfectly localized to the target audience, customers feel much more inclined to contract your services or even complete a purchase.

Why localize your website from English into Brazilian Portuguese

Expand your business

Unlock the real potential of your business by making it noticed, recognized, distinguished, and well known by the Brazilian market. Only 5% of Brazil can understand English, so having a website completely localized into Portuguese is like building a bridge to new achievements.

Increase Organic Traffic

Every time a page of your website is translated into Portuguese, your chances of being discovered in web searches from Brazil are significantly boosted. From that moment on the whole Brazilian/Portuguese population can find your website.

Substantial Sales Growth

When people from Brazil visit your website they will be able to read and interact with your content, consequently, they will close a deal, contract service, and even buy your products. More user experience equals more money!

How it works

In the first step, you will fill in and submit the form below with as many details as possible about your website.

Then I will get in touch with you as soon as I can and we will talk about every aspect of your business and how we should approach your localization to the Brazilian audience.

Option 1: You shall deliver an editable text document containing every English string from your website that should be localized (menu, sidebars, titles, image texts, widgets, URLs, slugs, categories, content, blog posts, products, etc.

In the end, you will receive the same document with a Brazilian Portuguese version alongside the original.

Option 2: I will perform the localization from inside your website panel, platform, or translation plugin.

After analyzing your website and the document containing the translatable strings, I will provide the total cost and approximate turnaround time.

After we agree on the terms, I will personally send my bank account info or a PayPal invoice with all the details of your website localization to your email.

Once the payment is processed, I will start your website localization from English into Brazilian portuguese.

Expect a quick turnaround!

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    How deep is your localization?
    Just menu, sidebars and titlesEntire website including content, products and/or blog posts

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