My mission is to deliver the best English to Portuguese translation and help your business become successful everywhere in Brazil

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Hi, I'm Petrucio

Founder of Petrucio Translation, native from Brazil, experienced English to Portuguese translator, mechanical engineering undergraduate, occasional web designer, passionate about the English language, and studying it since the age of 7.

After working extensively at freelance platforms, I decided it was time to make a name for myself.

And that's when I founded Petrucio Translation, my brand name and also my way of working, preaching total professionalism, and always treating my clients with the integrity and respect they deserve.

By translating your project from English into Brazilian Portuguese I can help you :

  • Transmit the content you create to a Brazilian / Portuguese audience

  • Communicate with someone in Portuguese


  • Get your business recognized and distinguished in the Brazilian market

  • Understand anything written in Portuguese

If you see yourself wondering how to achieve any of the tasks above, then you’ve come to the right place. And I can definitely help you!

Why choose Petrucio Translation?

I am sure you are tired of paying exorbitant prices and service fees or maybe waiting days to get a proper reply whenever you need something translated from English to Portuguese or any other language.

Not to mention the freelance platforms, which you have to endure the painful process of signing up, creating a profile, posting a job, and having to choose between 50+ proposals. I’ve been there, and it sucks!

That’s the kind of stuff you are NOT going to find here.

As the only founder and responsible for Petrucio Translation, you can be sure that I practice what I preach and all steps will be remarkably simpler, faster, cheaper, and transparent, as everything should be. After all, I’m sure you are a busy person!

This website is entirely designed and developed by me.